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When it comes to purchasing a treatment system for your homes water issues you have many options. It can be overwhelming when trying to decide which is the best choice for you. The truth of the matter is that you can get sufficient results from many brands or systems on the market, but it is also important that the system you purchase fits into your lifestyle.

Hard water is one of the biggest water concerns for most home owners across the country. In fact, about 85% of us are afflicted with this water condition. Hard water can cause all types of damage to your homes and appliances, even your bank account.

If you’d like to learn more about hard water and its damaging effects, read What is Hard Water and Why You Should Care.

Old-fashioned ways of curing your home of hard water is by the use of an ion exchange system. This is more commonly known as a salt-based water softener. There are several drawbacks to systems like this. They are bulky, inconvenient, wasteful, require the lugging and lifting of heavy salt bags, and are terrible for the environment, to name a few. Did you know they are actually banned in California?

For over ten years now, NuvoH2O® has been striving to bring light to an alternative to these old-fashioned salt-based systems by introducing a new method of softening water to the market.

So how does NuvoH2O stand out?

Citrus. Not Salt.

NuvoH2O uses a citrus based formula to soften water rather than a salt brine. The benefits of this are fivefold:

Simple – You do not have to have a master’s in chemistry to understand how CitraCharge®, our proprietary softening formula, works. If you’d like a full explanation check out How It Works, but in short, the molecules in CitraCharge® keep the hard minerals too busy to stick to your pipes, fixtures, surfaces and appliances. And it is perfectly safe – it is made with the same stuff found in lemons – and who doesn’t love lemons?

Convenient - When your cartridge is depleted, about every 4 – 5 months, you simply replace the cartridge and enjoy the benefits of soft water several more months. No lugging and lifting heavy salt bags each month from the store, to your car, into your home, down into your basement then up and into the salt basin.

NuvoH2O® is small and can be installed just about anywhere. What bulky, energy sucking, salt system can say that?

We even make it easy for you remember when it is time to change your cartridge! Along with other benefits, our Auto-Ship Membership program delivers new cartridge straight to your doorstop when it is time to replace it. How simple and convenient is that?

Effective – CitraCharge® has been proven as effective at preventing hard water scale build up. We even commissioned a third-party research firm to conduct extensive testing to be sure. Feel free to read the NuvoH2O Efficacy and Consumer Benefits Study Summary

Bonus – NuvoH2O® can remove existing scale build up. Over time you will notice a decrease in the amount of crust you find on your faucets, pipes and appliances.

Health - Some people think hard water is unhealthy, but hard water is not bad for you. The World Health Organization and the National Research Council, among others, have found that hard water can be an important source of calcium and magnesium. NuvoH2O® leaves these important minerals in the water without them causing problems to your home providing the benefits of soft water and keeps those good minerals in your water.

Salt-based systems completely remove calcium and magnesium ions and replace them with sodium ions. In fact, the Mayo Clinic suggests those on a very low sodium diets consider using salt-free methods to soften their water to avoid additional sodium consumption.

Environmentally Friendly – Mother Nature is all providing but has started to show signs of exhaustion. And unfortunately, for decades people have taken her for granted. While soft water may seem like a necessity, its effects on the environment would make some believe it is a luxury. Salt-based systems go through a brine flush every might, dumping heavily salted water back into the earth. This salt is virtually impossible to remove. Day by day salt continuously builds up, slowly poisoning the environment.

NuvoH2O® softening systems do not require any sort of flush. All the water that runs through it is dispersed throughout your home for you to use. And as an added bonus, any water that does get back to Mother Nature is better off. The citric acid lowers pH levels to where plants can thrive. What a treat for your house plants too!

We know you’re smart, well-informed consumers, and at the end of the day you’re going to make the decision that works best for you, your family and your lifestyle. We strive to make that easy for you here. If you have any questions, we’d love to hear from you. Please reach out to us at info@NuvoH2O.com.