Customer Testimonials

Does well with the terrible well water I have! by Sandi on 09/18/2018

Completely Satisfied by Margaret on 09/16/2018
I have been completely satisfied with the Nuvo water treatment system. It’s easy to replace the small cartridge a larger cartridge might be a problem for small or elderly people, but I can manage the small one. It moderates the very troublesome water here (desert environment) without inserting salts.

Great System by Ann on 09/14/2018
Having our system ensures the water no longer etches the finish on our appliances

Neat by Nicholas on 09/04/2018

Very Helpful by Nicholas on 08/20/2018

Works well by Ann on 08/18/2018
Doesn’t 100% eliminate hard water deposits but it does lessen it greatly and makes clean up much easier and needed less often.

I LOVE IT by Sandra on 08/14/2018

Excellent Service by Dena on 08/06/2018
Excellent service, including dealing with customer service by phone.

LOVE IT by Shannon on 08/02/2018

So far so good by Joseph on 06/29/2018

Really Good by Robert on 06/01/2018
Recomand to anybody to get it

Small and Convenient by Leta on 05/26/2018
Not soft water though

Great System by Kenneth on 05/17/2018

Great Service! by Kenneth on 05/14/2018

awesome product by Happy Texan on 05/07/2016
My well water WAS destroying my plumbing and dishwasher and washing machine. I have had the Nuvo system for a year now and I will never own a home without one. A must for areas with hard water

Outstanding by Nuvo4Juan on 04/08/2016
Have own the Home system for over 5 years now, and we LOVE IT!! Live in Santa Clarita, CA. and t hard water scale her is around 10. We used to net a home water system but after 5 years of renting it cost too much$$, so Isaw the Nuvo commercial, ordered the system and it performed beyond my expectations!! Have been a firm customer ever since, I get the "Auto Refill" every 4 months and it is worth it. Sure we only get very little deposits accumulation in some of our faucets, there is nothing to prevent that 100%, but we are very happy with our Nuvo Investment.. Tyr it you won't be DISAPPOINTED AT ALL.

We love it! by Glen B on 01/10/2016
We previously had a water softener. We love our new Nuvo. Wish we would have had it a lot sooner!!

Great Product by 2infinity2 on 11/17/2015
I moved into my first mobile home in Az. I noticed that my hair and clothes were not the same. Green stuff on the faucets. People told me the water here is very bad you need a water softener. One neighbor was having this installed they showed me theirs. Wow very compact. I then went to the internet to check it out and I spoke with my plumber. He ordered it for me and then did the installation. Was very easy. Changing the filter is so very easy as well. I had to consider all the factors, expense and ease to do it myself. It works like magic> My clothes, hair and skin feel great and no more green stuff. Love this product. I recommend to everyone, just check it out on the internet!

Extremely Happy by Crystal Clear on 10/19/2015
I've used this in older home and am completely satisfied with its user friendly refill technique, efficiency and would highly recommend this anyone wanting a more clear glass, cleaner appliances and less cleaning hassle. Livermore, CA

Great for mobile homes! by Betty R on 10/13/2015
Not only does the system work well, but also the best unit to add to a small or mobile home because of its zero footprint. Mobile homes have limited floor space for utility units such as washer, dryers, softeners, etc. I replaced my large water softener with the Nuvo Studio about four years ago and have been pleased with the results. My friends and the plumbers who have seen it did not know it exists. I plan to have it installed in the new home (not a mobile) I am purchasing.

Nuvoh2o Take Me Away by Somewhere in SE Arizona on 08/01/2015
So happy to have found the Nuvo H2o system, we live in SE Arizona and it has made a huge difference in the feel of our water as well as hard water spots, etc. Loving the changes it has made! This is a much healthier system than using salt systems.

Great Product by Doctor Who on 06/15/2015
I'm sensitive to health matters. Softeners that add "salt" - not a good thing to me. Removing Calcium and other good minerals - not a good thing. The NUVO - A good thing. We invested in this about a year ago. Although it can take a while to truly see the benefits, it works, it is safe, it is the healthy option.