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Having a Community Christmas

Despite the year 2020 being a hectic and confusing time for everyone, we here at NuvoH2O have been excited for the holiday season and all the cheer it brings. And this year we have been especially excited to provide our employees with a chance to give that holiday cheer through Community Christmas, a charity that serves the area around our main offices and warehouse. 

We were amazed by the work Community Christmas did this year, and happy to support a charity that inspires us to do more for our community, friends, and family. In fact, we were so impressed with Community Christmas we wanted to tell you more about them and how you can help.

Who They Are

Community Christmas is a yearly event put on by volunteers of the Ogden-Weber Community Action Partnership, or OWCAP, focused on bringing gifts to about 2,500 children who don’t receive Christmas assistance from other Sub-4-Santa programs. They work with local school districts and other organizations that work with families in need to identify the children who otherwise wouldn’t have a Christmas day. 

All Community Christmas volunteers are unpaid, putting every dime possible to the families served. For 10 years now Community Christmas has been a truly grassroots movement, provided by the community and for the community.

Providing a Christmas for those who aren’t served by other programs isn’t easy, and even with a simple plan, the sheer volume makes it a lot of work!

Making Christmas

Community Christmas has a simple goal and process, but the 2,500 kids in need make it a more difficult task than you would think.

First OWCAP and their partners identify the children who won’t receive Christmas help. They ask the parents what kind of gifts those children would like and compile a list of needed gifts. 

Next Local schools and businesses place donation boxes and “Giving Trees.” Each tree is covered with paper ornaments detailing the kind of gifts Community Christmas needs, and donations are made based on those recommendations. 

Finally, gifts are collected, sorted into categories based on size and type of gift, and parents or volunteers “shop” for families based on their needs.

NuvoH2O’s Experiences

This year, we set up a Giving Tree in our main NuvoH2O offices and gave our team members extra paid time off to volunteer their time to make all of those steps happen.

Tyman, our National Wholesale Manager, and Eshelle, our Dealer Channel Coordinator worked on opening and sorting donations. Eshelle said, “I was impressed watching our team dig in, get things done in a hurry, and even go over their pledged time to help others in need,” and Tyman said, “I was amazed at the volume of contributions.” 

Also Two of our Customer Service representatives, Tieler and Lyndsey organized bags for each family and shopped for those that couldn’t be there themselves. Lyndsey loved “how everyone came and helped put Christmas gifts together for families in need” while Tieler said, “The ladies that directed us were all incredibly nice,” and, “I think they’re great.”

Why We Volunteer

NuvoH2O’s team members all had their own reasons for volunteering their time and money. Michelle, our A/P Account Manager says she just wants to help others. “I see a glitter of happiness in a person’s eyes and that makes my day,” she says. Tabitha, our Accountant, says, “it was a reminder to me of what a hard year it has been for so many,” and “ it was a good opportunity to help those in need.” Eshelle had a more festive way of putting it.

“It’s all part of the spirit of Santa,” she said, “yes Santa. Santa does exist and he exists inside all of us. Being able to help make someone’s Christmas happen was and is one of the most amazing feelings in the world, it’s part of what the Spirit of Santa is.”

More of our team members than we can talk about volunteered their time and overall everyone who participated agreed there was no better holiday activity than helping someone else have a better Christmas.

Making a Difference

This year has been especially hard on a lot of people, and we here at NuvoH2O want to do our best to support our communities in this trying time. We have been so proud of our team members this holiday season, they are all people who want to be known for doing good, and we want to be known as a company that wants the same.

As the year comes to a close, we are planning on doing more volunteer work in 2021 and highlighting the amazing organizations we find to work with. Organizations like Community Christmas that focus on helping those that don’t get the help they need are who we aspire to be like.

How You Can Help

Community Christmas has many Giving Tree locations that will be open up until tomorrow, December 17th. Even after the 17th, you can always join their volunteer email list to be alerted to other opportunities to work with them. You can also donate directly to them, or support their parent company OWCAP.

And if hearing about fun charity events and learning about the water in your home is something you love, you can follow us on Facebook or Instagram, sign up for our newsletter, or keep checking in here for future blog posts.

And in the spirit of the season, we can all give a little time and love to our community, our neighbors, and our friends.

From all of us here at NuvoH2O, have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.