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Manor Duo - Water Softener + Taste System

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The NuvoH2O® Manor Softener System uses a revolutionary technology to lower the pH level of water based on the basic scientific process of chelation in which the mineral ions causing hard water, principally calcium and magnesium, are bound to the chelating agent in NuvoH2O's FDA-approved, proprietary formulation, which keeps the minerals soluble and unable to cause hard water problems.

The NuvoH2O® 20” Taste System uses a 10-micron carbon filter to improve taste and water quality by removing sediment and chemicals including 95% of Chlorine, 95% of VOC, inorganic chemical, and turbidity. The resulting water is soft and healthy for all of your household uses, including drinking, bathing, washing, and lawn and plant watering.

In addition to the NuvoH2O® softener and filter housings and their cartridges, your package also includes a manual, mounting back plate, mounting bracket, screws, and housing wrench.


  • Prevents scale build-up and removes existing hard water scale
  • Eco-friendly — no salt, no waste water, no electricity
  • Compact design — fits almost anywhere
  • Removes sediment and chemicals from house water
  • Extends the life of your water heater, plumbing fixtures and appliances
  • Developed from 25+ years of commercial experience



  • NuvoH2O® Manor Softener and Taste System
  • For homes larger than 1500 square feet
  • Size: (2) 8” x 28”
  • Weight: combined 30 pounds
  • Connection Size: 1”
  • Water flow: 15 – 18 gpm with 1" ports (minimal change to existing flow)
  • Maximum pressure: 100 PSI (6.8 bar)
  • 40 - 60 PSI for optimal treatment level
  • Hardness range: 25 GPG or Less
  • pH range: 7.3 – 8.2
  • Softener Cartridge Lifespan: Approx. 50,000 gallons
  • Filter Lifespan: Approx. 50,000 gallons
  • Built-in pressure relief valve
  • FDA & NSF approved

Replacement Cartridges

  • Uses 4.5” x 20” replacement cartridges
  • Taste Cartridge is 10 micron Activated Carbon filter
  • Replace cartridges every 50,000 gallons

Additional Important Considerations

  • Appropriate for homes with a private well
  • Not recommended for closed loop recirculation systems or wood fired boiler applications.
  • Over tightening the fitting can, and will, cause the system to fail prematurely.
  • In homes with copper piping, air in the line can cause oxidization of the piping. The NuvoH2O® System works to remove the copper oxide, possibly resulting in blue tinged water for a short time. This is not cause for panic – The effect is harmless and will dissipate over time.


  • 5-Year Limited Warranty for systems purchased registered through NuvoH2O®.

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Nuvo is the very best option for people who give a damn about dwindling freshwater, conservation and sustainable living!


Service rep Zach and I spoke at length on US rapid freshwater depletion, overpopulation and the critical need to lower US numbers, and most importantly to get the masses in a conservation mindset. We agreed that Nuvo H2O filters are the first and perhaps most practical, immediate step in this process. Having switched from a GROSSLY wasteful reverse osmosis/backflush softener system (it came with the house!) to a passive citrate-based passive softener system reduced our daily water consumption by 200 gals/day. That old softener required THAT many gallons every day to backflush accumulated solids. And we are on a well!! So Nuvo is the very best option for people who give a damn about dwindling freshwater, conservation and sustainable living! And Zach, thank you for your insights and professional assistance in putting this order to bed. Let's get the Nuvo system in every home in America!

We are very happy with our unit.


We are very happy with our unit. Not only does it work well for a water softener, it also has a carbon filter to eliminate water orders. It takes up little space & no heavy bags of salt to deal with.

Overall great experience.


Signed up for auto ship of water softener filter 6 months ago. They charged my credit card correctly. Shipping out filter. It will come with instructions on how to install. Customer service was outstanding when I called to confirm everythng since this was the first pass through. They will send me an email with local installers for reference if I ever need them. Overall great experience.

NuvoH2o is the best


NuvoH2o is the best! My filter housing over the years developed a crack...I called to order a new one(expecting to pay for it)..Mitsy, the customer service rep took care of my problem immediately..I live in Yuma Az. where the water is terrible...she got my filter housing shipped and in a couple of days I received it and was back in business. No charge for the part and no charge for the freight ..these people know how to take of their customers. She followed up to see if I received it and wanted to know if there was anything else I needed. The NuvoH2o water filter system works great and does what it is supposed to do. Best customer friendly company out there...happy in Yuma...frank

I have had no problems with my filtration system, five year customer.


Customer service is very good, the replacement filters come right on time. I'm notified prior to them being charged. I have had no problems with my filtration system, five year customer.

Now my water tastes pure.


I have water from a nearby lake/reservoir as my water source. Often it has an odd smell, and not a great taste. It is tested and has safe levels of all elements, but not really pleasant. The Nuvo Manor filter system has made a huge difference. Now my water tastes pure.

Great customer service


Great customer service and love the automatic renewal so I don't have to remember when to change the filter. Used to have leaks in my pipes until I installed NuvoH2O.

I highly recommend Nuvo.


I really like the NuvoH2O water filters. We have extremely hard water where we live, so we change the filter every four months instead of twice each year. We still experience some hard water deposits; however, they are minor and easy to clean. Customer service is always terrific, quick and efficient. Last of all, I like how compact the unit is. It is simple to change, and I am not having to lug around big bags of salt. I highly recommend Nuvo.

Was very happy with the order program


Was very happy with the order program they have. Was able to set it up to have a filter sent to my house every 6 months so it was something I didn't have to remember on my own. The only reason I stopped service was that I moved into a house that did not have a Nuvo system but when I upgrade it I will definitely be starting up my services again.

This was a very satisfying and economical solution


I called after learning from the infomercial that the system was exactly what I needed to replace my salt water softening system. Well the phone call with salesman Derek was beyond satisfying. Not only did he have answers to every question..offered all the alternatives of financing or cash..absolutely NO pressure..NO up-selling..however after listening to me talk about water purifiers..he asked if the prefilter which handles ‚solids, would help and Yes It would. It was all on sale, free delivery and to top it all off, Derek located an installer up here in the country (where it can be impossible to get a plumber to make a service call!). I've already received notice the unit has shipped and heard from the installer! This was a very satisfying and economical solution to a problem (hard water..horrible water softener) I have been worrying about for a long time.

I love my NuvoH20!


I love my NuvoH20! I have them automatic ship my filters which Keeps me on schedule to change them. I don't have the hard water on my Faucets and glass shower doors any more and the water taste is Great!