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5 Energy-Efficient Home Improvements to Make This Summer

You love your home, but after spending so much extra time there during the coronavirus crisis, have you identified a few things here and there that you’d like to change? Are high energy bills one of those things?

There’s always room for improvement, particularly when it comes to a family’s energy consumption, and summer is the perfect time to take on projects that will both enhance your living space and save you money.

We’ve shared a few of our ideas below.

New Windows

Old, poorly sealed windows are an air conditioner’s worst enemy, and when you’ve got the AC cranked up to cool your home on a hot day, they’re not too kind to your wallet, either. Replacing your windows with more efficient, ENERGY STAR-qualified models can increase your comfort while slashing your cooling bills. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates the potential savings for single-pane window replacements at between $126 and $465 a year.

Smart Thermostat

If you’re someone who likes to mess with the thermostat when they don’t feel quite comfortable enough, upgrading to a Wifi-enabled smart thermostat is definitely a good idea. Once programmed, modern thermostats “learn” your comfort preferences and your schedule. They automatically regulate the temperature without overworking the air conditioner, providing optimal comfort with maximum efficiency. Smart thermostats can also be controlled remotely using a mobile device, enabling you to adjust the temperature in your home even when you’re not at home. 

Ceiling Fans

We already identified your air conditioner’s worst enemy. Now, let’s talk about its best friend! By installing ceiling fans, you help circulate treated air throughout your home, making it feel significantly cooler without having to touch — or re-program — the thermostat. Ceiling fans come in an endless variety of styles and add aesthetic appeal to any room. They’re well worth the investment! 

Fridge Upgrade

You use your refrigerator throughout the day, every day, and you’re probably more concerned with the fresh food it preserves than the amount of energy it could be wasting. If it’s been a decade or more since you bought your fridge, you’d be amazed at how far these essential appliances have come in recent years. It’s time to consider an upgrade! In fact, according to EnergyStar.gov, you could save an estimated $1,100 on energy bills throughout the lifespan of a new ENERGY STAR-approved refrigerator.

Whole-Home Water Softener  

There are so many ways that a whole-home water softener can help you save money that we decided to organize them in an infographic.


A salt-free water softening system from NuvoH2O can help restore some wiggle room to your household budget, and our systems are incredibly easy to install and maintain. We even offer a combination softener and water filtration system so that you can stop buying bottled drinking water, as well! Browse our website for more information or to place your order today!